Lunch Menu

We elaborate a daily menu with the best ingredients found in the market. A full and homemade menu based on the mediterranean diet. Nutritious and with a high gastronomic value.

€18,50  Week days

22,00  Saturdays

27,00 Bank holidays


Take the advantage of our promotion to buy Lunch Menus (€15,50).

It consists of vouchers of 10 or 5 menus, with a significant discount. If you are interested, send us an email through the link below, indicating your name and the voucher selected. We will send you a response with the account to which the corresponding amount must be transferred, when we have received the payment receipt we will send you your voucher. 

BONUS 10 menus

€129 (17% discount)

BONUS 5 menus

€70  (10% discount)






Bank holidays

Special Menu

Selected menu of products and D.O. wine o Cava to choose from. Made with the best dishes on the carte, which change depending on the seasonal products of the markets. As in the carte, all our dishes are made with fresh and high quality ingredients and according to typical traditional recipes of northern cuisine.